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A roll playing group based around Mortal Kombat. Set in the far future several opposing realms have become allies and others have made peace and stopped war.
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 The Rules of Mortal Kombat

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PostSubject: The Rules of Mortal Kombat   Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:03 pm

1. Every generation, competing realms would send their best fighters in to a single-elimination martial arts tournament; the victor of the tournament is crowned Mortal Kombat Grand Champion. If a realm can garner ten straight victories via their Grand Champion or another representative of theirs, they earn the right to invade the opposing realm. The Grand Champion him/herself is granted stunted aging and immortality until the next tournament. This is the ONLY way for a realm to invade and conquer another.

2. Mortal Kombat, once declared, cannot be refused by either party.

3. Special powers can be used in the tournament

4. Any violation of the above rules is considered an act of treason against the realms and the Elder Gods themselves, and will be dealt with accordingly and swiftly.

5.The tournament will be held in Chaosrealm an ally of both

6.There must be a champion for each realm before you can play someones else.

7.There will be npc’s to even out the teams so everything is fair.

8. No Elder Gods

8.No auto hitting

9. Death Means death unless a mod says otherwise

10.Most of the canon clans have merged with there enemy to form stronger champions. Example the Shirai Kuei any combo can be made.
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The Rules of Mortal Kombat
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