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A roll playing group based around Mortal Kombat. Set in the far future several opposing realms have become allies and others have made peace and stopped war.
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 Hashi-Li AKA Terror

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PostSubject: Hashi-Li AKA Terror   Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:08 pm

Name: Hashi-Li AKA Terror

Age: 26

Realm: Earth Realm

Lineage: He is the third generation of the Shirai Kuei The warriors of this clan wear all black


Attitude:Dark enjoys causing fear before his matches to make him enemies keep their distance. He is neutral to a certain standard and has chosen to be like his fellow clan to not advance with the rest of the human race and remain with there clan teachings. Each warrior comes of age and is trained in both the power of pyro and cryo mancy while in the ChoasRealm. He is much like his ancestor Scorpion quiet and deadly and not one to speak highly of himself as he is more willing to have his skills do so for him.


1.Frost Bite-He begins to lower the temperature of everything within the arena even those observing will feel its icy touch. If your in his dome for more then an hour you will become numb for a five hours your limbs will become black and after ten minutes longer your limbs will fall off.

2.Fire ball-This is a ball of black fire that catches enemies on fire for a few seconds this can cause third degree burns.

3. Burning maiden-He stands still covering himself in a thin line of black fire and if he is punched his enemy will be covered in a fine layer of black ice with needles being pierced into them that inject oil into the body so if there caught by his fire abilities they will burn for longer.

4. Icy wall-This can be a wall of ice or a layer of ice on the ground which can cause his enemy to slide into him.

5. His kata is the white tiger style which is a very defensive style where he stands still and counters moves almost flawlessly. If he touches you your nerves will feel like there being frozen and burnt at the same time.

6. Bo Staff-He makes a staff out of ice and every time he swings it a trail of black fire follows both tips that can burn anything flammable of they come into contact with.

7.There fatality is covering there enemy in a fine layer of the black ice that is so cold that is so cold that it makes the enemy fall apart piece by piece.

History:The history of the three siblings of the Shirai Kuei are all much the same as they were born as triplets in order was Dread, Terror, and lastly Night. They were all trained by the elders of the clan within Chaos realm which was custom but Dread being the Heir to be the next Grand Master would be trained by the Elder Gods to be there next champion. Terror had no wish to seek leadership as he wished to travel and learn the ways of every realm mostly staying in the realm of order for over a decade after finishing his training in Chaos. He was then transported to Nether realm by the abilities of a Sorcerer he found in Out world a place he had no joy in being within. He spent much time in the land of order learning all that was to be known while also studying how to become attuned with the Elder Gods. Night became jealous and enraged as his brothers were growing stronger as he failed most of his training and was stabbed an assassin but instead of dying was forced to Shinnok who healed his wounds and taught him the power of sorcery and pure darkness saying he could become more powerful then even the Elder Gods.
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Hashi-Li AKA Terror
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