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A roll playing group based around Mortal Kombat. Set in the far future several opposing realms have become allies and others have made peace and stopped war.
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 Tenebrae Khan

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Name: Tenebrae Khan

Age: 18

Realm: Outworld

Lineage: Shao Khan & Shang Tsung


Attitude: Cocky, purist, alcoholic, pimp. She enjoys the company of women and will rent them out to others. She nearly always has some form of alcohol on her person.


1. Wrath Ax attack - A swifter move than her father's Wrath Hammer attack, Tenebrae pulls her ax from behind herself and does a firm, powerful overhead strike at her opponent.

2. Ax Dance - A more deadly move than her father's Hammer Dance, Tenebrae pulls her ax from her back and swings it swiftly, causing massive cuts and damage on impact and possible decapitation.

3. Soul Steal - Stealing a soul must take place after the death of a kombatant. If near the occurrence of a death, Tenebrae may steal the soul and gain moves from the stolen soul.

4. Dance of a Thousand Souls - Souls can be stored in Tenebrae's ax, increasing its density and ability to stay sharper per each soul contained. If the ax is broken, the souls will appear to "dance" around Tenebrae and will enter her body.

5. Dragon Style - Tenebrae can perform the martial art of the Dragon style, a very powerful and devastating form.

6. Drunken Fist - Tenebrae has a tendency to hit the bottle, but do not assume that she is not prepared to fight. She will wobble and flop around dealing massive attacks with hands, feet, and ax, that if make contact could mean certain death. She also tends to hurt herself a little in the process.

Finisher - She uses her special a by controlling it through the soul connection, sending it aside as she gets up and physical with her opponent. Some time during the barrage she will leap into the air and her ax will return with immense speed, chopping the opponent either in half or by decapitation. Once the body is dead, she will typically use her soul stealing.

Soul Moves


1. Mi Tzu - uses elegant multi-direction strikes, such as striking low and forward with the front fist while striking high and behind with the back fist.

2. Judo - Essentially grappling.

3. Spear: The user would send out a rope tipped with a Kunai at the end to impale the victim and pull them through the air towards him for a free hit and would cause minor damage, identical to Scorpion.

4. Teleport Punch: The user teleports behind his opponent, punching them in the head.

5. Leg Takedown: The user trips the opponent with a leg scissor takedown.

6. Smokeycut: The user goes underground and then teleports under the opponent, performing a vertical uppercut, hitting them on the way up.

7. Air Throw: While in the air, the user grabs the opponent and throws them back on the ground.

8. Invisibility: The user disappears while a puff of smoke helps him become invisible.

9. Smoke Away/Smoke Towards: The user turns into a cloud of smoke and dashes forwards or backwards.

10. Teleport: The user disappears, then reappears punching the opponent in the back and in front of them.

11. Smoke Cloud: The user throws a smoke projectile at his opponent. If it connects, they are teleported up into the air and closer to the user, where they are vulnerable to attack, similar to Noob Saibot's Black Hole.

12. Shake: Smoke stands in place and surrounds himself with smoke, if a projectile touches him, Smoke will counter attack. This can be charged.

13. Burn Out: Smoke teleport-punches his opponent, then runs behind them and delivers a German Suplex which slams the opponent's head onto the ground, breaking their skull and neck. Then, while they are trying to get up, Smoke kicks them in the face, breaking their skull even more. This can be delayed and dash cancelled.

14. Suplex Throw: Smoke, in human form, grabs his foe, proceeds to roll backwards, brings up a leg as in a monkey flip and launches the foe halfway across the arena. He then does a kip-up.

15. Body Slam: Smoke, in cyborg form, grabs his opponent and slams him/her to the ground as seen in his Air Throw.

16. Animality: Bull.


1. Toasty!: A Fatality taken from Scorpion. Smoke takes off his mask, revealing a flaming skull instead of a face. He then breathes fire on the opponent, making them flail their arms in agony while burning before exploding. Like Reptile in the first game, this is a result of Smoke's moveset being patterned after Scorpion's, and therefore has no bearing on canon.

2. Spear Slice: Another Fatality from Scorpion. Smoke takes out his kunai, slashes the opponent's throat and then slices them through their hips, making their torso fall off.

3. Deadly Uppercut: A Fatality taken from Johnny Cage and shared with Ermac. Human Smoke delivers a bloody and savage uppercut that tears his opponent's head off.

4. Teleport Punch: A Fatality modified from Scorpion's Teleport Punch, Human Smoke teleports himself to opponent's behind and smashes his/her head.

5. Smoke Death: Smoke disappears into thin air, after which, Smoke hits the opponent, causing him/her start to stretch before exploding. In Deception, Smoke hits his enemy in the face, then tears off his/her arms and head before becoming visible once more.

6. Smoke Bomb: Smoke shoves an explosive bomb in his opponent's mouth in which detonates and explodes, ripping his opponent's body apart in the process.

7. Armageddon: A series of time bombs spews out of his stomach, which results in Earth's destruction at their (implied) explosion. A "glitch" would occur when used in an Outworld arena, as the Earth would blow up, even though this is in another realm. This Fatality would become Cyrax's Mortal Kombat Gold Fatality, in which the exact same happens.

8. Killer Harpoon: In the Game Boy version, a giant spear shoots out from Smoke's chest armor, impales his opponent, and proceeds to shake them around.

9. Smoked Out: Smoke jams his fingers into the opponent's skull and injects smoke into them. As he lets go, the extreme heat starts to sear the opponent's body from the inside. The excess heat begins to percolate from the opponent's body, they gush blood, and their flesh melts off.

10. Tremor: Smoke does his Smoke Towards move, and goes through the opponent. When he reappears, the opponent begins to internally combust, then falls to pieces from the endothermic heat, starting with the top of the skull separating from the mandible, and the rest of the body from key joints.


Tenebrae is the thirty-seventh child of Shao Khan, a true child. She was born on the what had appeared to be the "darkest day" in Outworld. Supposedly, instead of the typical white mucus that covered her fragile baby frame was completely blood red. She had came out upside down and choking on the cord but before it could be cut off and untangled, the baby's failing arms seemed to have unwrapped it herself. Shao Khan saw potential and strength in this, having her made a mask like his to honor her coming. Due to this supposed strength, the ones charged with caring for her until the ability to train were the Tarkata. She had a habit of grabbing their arm blades without much problem, typically not actually touching the sharp part thinking they were toys. She'd pull on them and try to make the blades bump into each other. Her enjoyment in the arm blades resulted in a nice little round of slaughter, forming blades of the Tarkata together onto a stick and shaped into a special ax through magic. It was not given to her, yet.
As she grew, her interest moved to what more was going on around her, learning more of who lived in Outworld. She explored the Saurian, the Shokan, and the Centaurian first, being attracted to their looks and abilities but not being able to mimic it. Usually, she visited there when the Tarkata that was supposed to be watching her wasn't looking. Soon her visits grew to see the Vampires and the few Edenians who were still in Outworld. Her sparatic visits were typically un-welcomed when she went to unusual places. This was when she started her training under a pupil of Shang Tsung's, since his time was coming to be no more. She learned from there how to steal souls and was granted her special ax. She couldn't lift it too well but she made sure to learn how to.
Her Tarkata nannies couldn't have had a harder time after she was given that ax, her always picking it up and using her body to swing it since she couldn't quite lift it yet. She was getting stronger and faster with it every day and when the time came, Shao Khan allowed her to learn from him. She modified his moves with his hammer to her axe, building in muscle and stature each day. With a few growth spurts, she became the one expected to be the tallest of her siblings as she neared her father's height rapidly.
The usual turmoil of Outworld became far more severe at her eleventh year of life as the announced death of Shao Khan shook the realm. He had left somewhere in the realm a special item, no one knows what, that if they were to take it they will rule. Assuming that it was his helmet, nearly all of the siblings hopped on it while it was still on his cold corpse. Tenebrae ended up with the skull front where her siblings ended up with various other pieces. She returned then to her Tarkata nannies and thought about what had been done, she even told them that the entire realm may split into war. Naturally, those who had enjoyed her company from Tarkata, Shokan, Saurian, and Centurian along with a few Outworlders who respected her.
Her faction took up a section of land that contained the brewery, her turning to drinking to ease her own tensions. She had to train herself how to keep on her guard even while she was drop dead drunk, often returning from battle with her siblings with wounds and scars until she had mastered doing so. Her numbers seem to not dwindle much as she figured the key to making Tarkata, giving her a nearly endless army though it takes her time to rebuild. She tends to only let those who want to fight to fight, training those who stayed behind so they could defend if they needed to. She was chosen to compete in kombat at age eighteen and the war still rages on, though she appears to be at or maybe even an inch taller than her father was. She carries with her an ax, and her knowledge.
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Name: Toron Serlin

Age: 36 (When sent to netherrealm. Truely 46)

Realm: Netherrealm (Fights for Outworld)

Lineage: Motaro & One of the transportation dragons of Outworld


Attitude: He is a serious and fierce warrior who despite his new living arrangements is loyal still to Outworld. He is known for saying "I would die a thousand times just to assure Outworld conquers all." He is loyal to Tenebrae, seeing her as the "chosen leader" since Shao Khan spent so much time preparing her during her first eight years. He did not get to see the result but is fiercely loyal to her and Outworld. He believe no one should ride him, except her. He has a twisted sense of honor and wants Outworld to succeed.


1. Bull Charge - He charges his opponent with his head up so the points of his horns are facing them. He tries to impale his opponent at the most and at the least knock them back.

2. Devour to hell - If an article happens to go between the teeth where his stomach once was, the teeth will extend suddenly and remove whatever goes into it and fire will sputter up through his body to dissolve the body part. This will make him capable of gaining some form of boost depending on what the item is and how much is consumed.

3. Anti-Magic Twin Blades - His blades are NOT going to deflect magic, but he carries a single property from Netherrealm of draining magic through cuts of his blades. The magic gathered in the blades allows the blades to cover themselves in fires from Neatherrealm.

4. Nether Breath - His body will begin to sputter flames as the flames focus up into his top mouth and spew out in a fine cone. When the flames hit something, they will sputter back from their point of contact. He cannot be burned by his own flames.

5. Body of Hell - He will make controlled flames cover his body, allowing him to carry his partner if he wished. This is mostly a protection tactic and was told by Tenebrae that it "Looks badass".

6. Twin flame strike - When the blades are ignited by him or Netherrealm, he can move them swiftly to stab in from the sides and perform varying slashes. Due to his lack of musculature and skin, he can move at odd angles. This can also be performed with his fists if his blades aren't available.

Finisher - He will get up on top of his opponent and stab his blades into their chest or back, pulling them in close as a fire burns up through his system. He releases the fire from both mouths at close range and makes sure the entire body turns to ashes.


He loyally served Shao Khan and had lead several attacks in his name. His enjoy in the bloodshed lead to even killing other Outworlders to a point he had to be apprehended. This was a difficult task. He hid among his own kind and others and received visits from a young Tenebrae during his life. He shared with her how he felt he was right in what he was doing, killing traitors and killing in the name of Outworld. He was then apprehended on one trip by the Tarkata looking after her.
He was taken in chains to Shao Khan and when asked, "Why have you killed our soldiers?" His response was, "They were traitors in Outworld for speaking of you wrong. Powerful or not, they did not deserve you. Now, even you are a traitor to yourself."
He was killed for his insolence and ended up in Netherrealm, where he still believed firmly that he did not deserve his punishment for doing what he thought was right. He used the torture as a form of training, hoping to see the young one he had met to see if his words reached her so young.
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Tenebrae Khan
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